Privacy & Cookies

This privacy and cookie statement applies to Conversion Company, and more specifically the website, from hereon referrer to as “the website”, located at the Johan Huizingalaan 763A, 1066VH, Amsterdam.

Conversion Company takes your privacy seriously. The information that Conversion Company gathers about you will be processed with care in compliance with privacy legislation (Algemene Gegevens Verordening).

Use of personal information

The following data will only be gathered on the website ofConversion Company using your explicit approval and will be processed for two goals:

  1. Conversion Company uses your data for optimizing the website.
  2. Conversion Company uses your online visitor data to show you relevant services or events on social media (direct marketing)
  3. Conversion Company processes your personal data when you apply for a position or contact us via the website

Use of cookies

Cookies are little pieces of information (files) that a website drops on your device (for example your computer). The website instructs the webbrowser that you use to look at websites (for example Internet Explorer) to save these cookies on your device. Two types of cookies are used on the website

  1. Functional cookies: These cookies are used to properly run a website. Conversion Company uses functional cookies to make navigation through webpages easier and to save certain user settings, to optimize your use of the website.
  2. Advertisement and other cookies: When placing advertisements on Facebook data will be used about which visitors have looked at content on the website. Thanks to this Conversion Company is able to personalize your next visit and show your relevant advertisements. Facebook offers you the possibility to manage your privacy and advertisement settings and change these to your preferences. Part of our direct marketing program is the use of your first and/or last name and/or email and/or mobile phone number. This data will be uploaded to Facebook Custom Audiences (FCA). FCA is a service of Facebook that enables to create audiences of clients to generate advertisements that will only be show to you within Facebook. To optimize the website Conversion Company uses Google Analytics. Conversion Company refers to the privacy statement of Google for more information about this.

How can I manage my cookies or remove them?

Most internet browser are installed such that they will automatically accept cookies. U can then choose to accept them. It is possible to change the settings of your browser to block cookies or to warn you when cookies will be send to your device. Check your browser settings to learn how to change the settings of your browser ( you are using different devices to access the website you have to make sure that every browser on every device will be adjusted to your cookie preferences.


This website contains links to possible advertisers such as Facebook ( Conversion Company is not responsible or liable for any privacy issues that may occur on linked websites nor for content, security or property of the linked website. Conversion Company therefore advises you to check the privacy of these external websites and advertisers regularly.


We handle your data with extreme care. Conversion Company continuously takes adequate measures to protect your data from loss, illicit use or theft.


If you wish to no longer receive advertisements of Conversion Company you can always unsubscribe through

Storage of your personal data

Your personal data will not be stored for a period that is longer than required to perform the above activities or the legally set term.

Changes in the privacy policy

WouldConversion Company change the privacy policy, the change will be announced on the website. Conversion Company also advises you to regularly check the privacy statement on the website such that you are always aware of possible changes.

Would you have any questions regarding the privacy policy or the application on the website, please contact us:

Conversion Company
Johan Huizingalaan 763a 4th floor
1066 VH Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 7703 443

Dutch law applies to this privacy and cookie statement. The last change of this privacy and cookie statement was in February 2018.