For an international pharmaceutical company we performed a market scan to show the full potential of direct eCommerce for one of their brands.

To prove how sure we were, we suggested a performance based deal. Conversion Company is responsible for all activities that are related to direct online sales growth and our reward is a percentage of the total sales for executing activities and a separate percentage for online marketing budget.

What did we achieve? 300% growth of direct online sales in 2 years! How did we do this?

First, we analysed the data to see what events and activities had a significant impact on sales. The biggest drivers were (and still are) pricing of the product, the performance of search channels and the email strategy. So, in the first year we executed on a plan to achieve the maximum results from these drivers. After that, we discovered the potential of marketing automation and we started implementing automated lead generation campaigns that are followed up by relevant email based on their characteristics as well as their behavior.

Because of the performance based contract we were challenged to think outside of the box and to focus an activities that truly had an impact on sales.

We live for these kinds of challenges!