A local telecommunication provider in the Netherlands needed advice and consultancy on the strategic impact of their SEA account. The need to change the account structure did not only have strategic but also operational implications. The account was underperforming due to the following reasons:

  • No segmentation of branded and non-branded keywords
  • Large amount of duplicate keywords
  • No utilization of optimized keywords match types


What did we do?

We analyzed the best performing keywords and conversion data from the two past years. We also looked at the different services offered by the company and adapted the structure accordingly. It took us +/- 40 hours to complete the analysis as well as the set up of the new structure.



The restructuring of the SEA account improved the account loading times tremendously, which solved one of our main operational issues we were facing while managing this account. Faster loading times enabled us to be more effective when implementing new campaigns and ad copy, which is common practice in the telecom industry. Additionally, a simplified account structure enabled us to write more relevant ad copy based on the matched keywords.


The strategic impact of the new account structure has shown positive aspects in the short-term: the segmentation of branded and non-branded keywords gave us more influence over the overall CPO. We are now able to aim for a pre-defined CPO and have more flexibility.

Furthermore, impressions increased by 177% month-over-month and clicks increased by 47% while costs only increased by 33%. Furthermore, we were able to implement remarketing lists in order to influence the consumer into a conversion at more touch points during the digital customer journey. Finally, this restructuring has laid down the groundwork for a successful DoubleClick for Search implementation which allowed us to compare different attribution models and choose the most accurate model for our account.



Old Structure New Structure
116 campaigns 5 campaigns
8.100 ad groups 15 ad groups
477.000 KeyWords 139 KeyWords
156.000 impressions/month 258.000 impressions/month
23.800 clicks/month 35.000 clicks/month



“Conversion Company really over delivered on their promise. Our SEA setup is now high performing, efficient, and full of insights”